Our Beloved Ancestors

This album comes with a strict instruction from the two ancestors, Vi Hilbert and Bruce Miller who spoke to us with a constant wisdom. Both Vi and Bruce were well known for the extraordinary wisdom and a forever voice of cultural leadership. The two elders said they wanted all people to listen to these three messages in a place of silence with out interruption. They were deliberately chosen to guide the non native with a understanding of the origin of the Native American of the Pacific North west. As Quoted by Vi " We are not Indians, We are the first People of this land." Plus a ancestral story about team work titled lifting the sky. Then Bruce delivers one of his greatest messages ever spoken. This is a thirty nine minute message of the original creation. How we received the right to be on the top of the food chain. Bruce Miller said this very important story, titled The Legend of Sla-Hal is specifically targeted to his own people. The values of living life with balance and respect for all creatures including us humans. Three messages from highly revered elders of the greater Seattle region and neighboring areas. All delivered in extraordinary story's.

Vi said to truly receive the messages in these three stories you may need to listen to then as many as ten times.