Jimmy Chester – Everybody Is Talking About Me

This album is titled after the lead singer's traditional name. His english name is Jimmy Chester. In the ancient language of his people this ancestral name reflects a meaning of a man that possesses a lot of ceremonial songs and dances of his people. The album's first song is a blessing song and is a traditional song that Jimmy uses to begin ceremonial rituals at traditional tribal gatherings of his Nuchanalth People. Nuchanalth is the name of the original language spoken at his village [ Nit Nat] on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. It is also the same original language of the Makah Nation at Neah Bay in the state of Washington in the US.

To understand the traditional protocols of these tribes one must first understand the songs are sung before speaking and explanations are given at the gatherings. The gatherings are called a ]Pot latch] A very blessed Party full of native people wearing there traditional regalia when they are speaking, singing or dancing on the floor presenting the spiritual gifts of there ancestral lineage. This is done to bless and endorse the ancestral ceremonial work. These party's are most often for when some one will receive an ancestors traditional name. or often a wedding or birthday.

On this album you the listener can hear and experience the songs from Jimmy that he is sharing with the world about the spirituality of the ancient Pot latch, that has existed on our North West coast for thousands of years. These songs are not facsimiles and in particular, a pair of Wolf head dress songs which are on this album. They are preformed at numerous ceremonial events. All of these songs on this album are a very rare experience. It is not common to hear this traditional music out side of the respectfully privet ceremonial events of the Nuchanalth speaking people. How ever as a gift for all of us, Jimmy wants to share the great joy of this ancient spirituality with all people who can listen and feel the strength and enlightenment of the ancestral ways of his lineage. This is a rare and culturally accurate presentation of the songs of a wolf society. They are shared with us with a great generosity from Jimmy Chester from the Nit Nat village.